Chris Martin

by Nude Pirates

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it was going to be called boys go to mars but our friend thought of that name and he wouldn't let us use it so we named the song after him


I find it bizzar
How all the brightis stars
are all just sattelites
the real ones fade away
and bring us dark days
they are all the same
these bright burning flames
in the cosmos of this ever expanding verse
it all seem rehearsed
they all die in shame
these black hole keep arising
and its not surprising me
one bit
there's plenty of other planets
resting in the sky
there's not enough sand on the beach
to count all these galaxies
yeah I'll float away
yeah I'll be OK
I'll just think of my home
the pale blue dot
i miss you allot
i miss you
Earth angel
Earth angel
Won't you be mine
Earth angel
Earth angel
You'll never be mine
Engines ready
Into the unknown
So long to this
Brittle stone
To the suffocating
Vacuum of space
For the preservation
Of my race
So shield your face
From the burning sun
Yeah i will return
Before you burn away
The brightest days
Still turn to the night
On the rotating surface
To denounce the light of day
Earth Angel
Earth Angel
Won't you be mine
Earth angel
Earth angel
How'd i leave you behind
Oh oh no
My fuel gauge is low
I'm afraid i won't be coming home
I can't say i didn't ask for it
I always thought I'd die alone
Its so ironic in
The vastness of all this
You'll never find me
Earth angel
Earth angel
You'll never be mine
Earth angel
Earth angel
So i leave you behind
Earth angel
Earth angel


released January 1, 2011



all rights reserved


NudePirates Deltona, Florida

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